This is the final destination for the sensor data from your temperature monitoring system from Enkon Ltd. / Ergson GmbH. It is possible to check the status of your commodities with most modern web browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). This webpage is designed for operation on mobile devices and desktop computers.

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Collects, shows, and synchronizes the data from your local Grain Manager. Manage your sites from the distance and allow other users to view your sites or even single silos to view the content status.

Grain Manager Web

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The temperature and humidity data from the site are read, processed, saved and displayed with the Grain Manager Desktop. This software acts like a traditional SCADA program with a focus on monitoring grain. The software runs independently or can be connected to the Grain Manager Web if web access is required.

Grain Manager Desktop

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Find out how the total system is built up and in what relation the components stand to each other. To name a few: temperature sensor, protection tube, RTU, Bussystem, Grain Manger Desktop, Grain Manager Web, ...

System Overview